Tuesday, 26 July 2016

JUNE 24/28 - The French Jura is an area extremely rich in many forms of wildlife with beautiful scenery and rich flowery habitats. Below is a selection of things seen during this short trip. Butterfly photos are mostly posted elsewhere (June 2016)

Lac du Bellefontaine

Anemone narcissiflora
Marsh Fritillary

Pinguicula grandiflora (with var reuteri)

Trollius meadow, Bellefontaine
Downy Emerald, Lamoura
Campanula thyrsoides
Black Kite, Bois d'Amont
Chiasmia clathrata
Phyteuma orbiculare
Psodos quadrifaria
Cephalanthera rubra

Red-eyed Damselfly

Small Heath
Euclidia glyphica (Burnet Companion)

A typical Jura wet meadow, rich in insect life

 Moorland Green-veined White on Erinus alpinus (Fairy Foxglove)
Phyteuma spicata with Marsh Fritillary
Trollius europaeus
 Species-rich limestone grassland in the Foret du Risou
Typical Jura landscape 
Evening sun on Mt Blanc seen from the Col de la Faucille

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