Wednesday, 27 July 2016

JULY - At this time last year I tried to re-locate the beautiful British endemic Linum perenne subsp anglicum (Perennial Flax) at its four historic sites in Cumbria. At two of the sites (Rosgill and Potrigg) grazing was very heavy and none could be found (although one had been seen in flower at Potrigg just prior to my visit). At the other two sites (Gilts and Crayston) there were just three plants and one plant, respectively. This year I understand that the single plant at Crayston (very vulnerable due to location) has reappeared but is now becoming overgrown, whilst at Potrigg where I found none last year, three vegetative plants have been seen. So far, there has been no further news about the Gilts plants (3 last year). So by the current count only 7 plants appear to be extant in the county. Although it is more frequent in the south of England, it will be a sad indictment of conservation measures (or the lack of) if the Cumbrian plants are finally lost due to indifference and neglect.

Photos: Crayston (1-3) Gilts (4)


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